About the project

Connecting Distance is a series of traveling workshops and collaborations focused on the human body, seeking to open up discussions of space and forms that exist between us all.

The priority of this project is a collaboration and partnership that exists in two main ways: collaboration between artists Lauren Frances Evans and Christopher Willauer, and their collaboration with a diverse range of organizations and participants involved with each workshop. The workshops will be developed beforehand with each host organization to best suit the needs and strengths of the participants involved. The events themselves will also be collaborative in that individuals will need to work together, amongst themselves, to make the actual castings, which will then serve as remnants of (and monuments to) their shared interaction.

The process of making art is a liminal practice. Art can speak in ways that words and actions cannot. It is a language, an intermediary. The collaborative nature of the Connecting Distance project further strengthens this fact. In collaboration and partnership, multiple entities bring their entire selves, and their discourse has the power to create something much greater than the sum of the separate parts.

Through collaboration on multiple levels, the Connecting Distance project simultaneously gives physical form and metaphysical significance to the idea that the distance which separates us, also connects us. 

Evans and Willauer are both interested in the moments of intimacy that are forged and materialized through the casting process.  Whether it is between strangers, fellow classmates, or family, these moments of molded stillness give form to this space and allow for this connecting distance to be actualized and monumentalized.

The project is supported, in part, by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts.