Lauren and Christopher will be hosting a Connecting Distance body casting workshop at 3 pm on Thursday, April 7th, as part of the Fair Play Conference at St. Ambrose University. For more details about the conference CLICK HERE or to view the full conference line-up CLICK HERE.

April 8, 2016 - Public Body CastingS - on the Old Capital Lawn - Iowa City, IA

Lauren and Christopher will be set up from 5-7pm on the Old Capital Lawn in downtown Iowa City. They will be helping to facilitate body casting interactions between strangers and friends alike.

APRIL 9, 2016 - Collaborative castings in the studio - The Cosgrove Institute - Oxford, IA

We need your help! Folks are invited to join us in the studio for a time of free-form collaboration and semi-directed body casting. If you are interested in spending a hour or two working hands-on with Lauren and Christopher, please sign up HERE for a time slot, so that we know when to expect you. All are welcome! Please dress comfortably and be prepared to get a little bit messy. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 
LOCATION: The Cosgrove Institute - 2009 400th St SW, Oxford, IA 52322 - studio is just down the stairs and to the right (there will be signs)


Below are some images from two body casting workshops which occurred in 2015. These events prompted our interest in broadening the scope of the project and developing it into a wider collaborative endeavor. 

May 2015 - Rurally Good Festival - Grin City Collective - Grinnell, IA

Lauren Frances Evans and Christopher Willauer had the opportunity to be included in Grin City Collective's 2nd annual arts festival, Rurally Good. They helped visitors produce unique takeaway body castings of negative spaces, using the body as a mold. 

February 2015 - Jacksonville University - Jacksonville, FL

Lauren Frances Evans was a visiting artist at Jacksonville University earlier this year - in addition to presenting her solo show, Omphalos, she facilitated collaborative/cross-disciplinary body casting workshops that brought together students from both the visual art and dance departments. Students and dancers worked together in groups to create plaster body castings using a simple one-step casting process in which the body itself became the mold. These various castings explore the negative spaces surrounding the body, giving form to the voids that define the body's surface. Many of the castings created in the workshops were included in the exhibition.